The Namesake

Every once in awhile a movie comes along that plucks the cords of my heart in a powerful way. Stacy and I love to see movies that have depth and substance, joy and laughter, life and beauty. The ‘Namesake’ encompasses all of these. I appreciate movies that challenge and inspire us to recognize the beauty of family, our heritage and culture that each of us come from.

Excerpts from a review by Peter Rainer:
The movie follows one families move from Calcutta to New York. When their son is born, the father names him Gogol after the famous Russian writer. It’s a name that the boy, as he grows into manhood, will both renounce and embrace as he struggles to reconcile his Americanness with his Bengali roots.’Namesake’ spans continents and generations. The film is a classic immigrant saga about how profoundly disorienting it can be to live in two cultures.

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