OK, I’ve been a bit “blogstipated” as of late. Anyway, here goes. While on my way to Kristen and Mark’s wedding in Santa Barbara last weekend I looked up and saw a sign that I have noticed for the last several years now. It’s in front of an abandoned looking Cafe/Diner right outside of Buellton. Anyway, didn’t really have time to pull over and take pics, however, the experience of seeing the sign was a “sign” for me. You see I have wanted to do some type of book, compilation of photos, etc. of signs now for several years. Well, realizing that the most difficult aspect of fulfilling a goal is actually taking the first step; so… while downtown today I decided to take the “first step”. With Jax (our new Dachshund) at my side we had a wonderful time walking around snapping away. Here are a few that stood out to me. More to follow in future.

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